Garden Tables, Balinese Garden Decoration – Plants

Balinese Garden

Balinese gardens are known for their lush green foliage and distinctive uses for certain plants in their garden area. A major inspiration for a Balinese garden includes lush plants. Depending on where you live, you will have to edit what plants you can use for your Balinese-inspired garden.

Balinese Garden Decoration

With orange being a spiritual color for the Balinese, you should choose to place your lush-looking plants inside orange pots for the well being. The lush-looking plants in each country may differ according to the weather and climate of each country. If you live in USDA hardiness zone 10 or lower, reserve the pots for the more fragile plants that may die in freezing weather. Plant white and orange birds of paradise plants in the pots. You could also plant red or pink ginger plants in some of these containers. Also, consider using philodendrons and Xanadu philodendrons for a green backdrop to all the orange pots. You can also plant bamboo patches in different areas of your Balinese garden. Bamboo is hardy in many zones.

You can also plant pygmy date palm trees and lush ferns to create verdant Balinese backyard. Be sure to bring in those tropical plants when the temperature falls below 41 degrees F.